This rustic tile radiates Old World charm. The luxuriant warm colors create a quaint and relaxing appearance.

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Toz Flower Blue
(set of 4 decos)
3x3 - 90853
6x6 - 90634
6x6 - 90637

6x6 - 90635
Vintage Mix
3x3 - 92080

Mos Faianca Multi
6x12 - 91541
6x6 - 91542

  • Vintage specialty pieces include 3"x12" surface bullnose, v-cap and quarter round. Also available in 12"x12" and 18"x18" field tiles.
  • The natural beauty of glazed tile lies in its subtle shade variations. Manufactured tile may vary from these shown. Visually check the actual shade before installation.