Marmore Stone

When only the best will do, choose Marmore Stone. Exceptional splendor crafted from natural marble, Marmore Stone renders a feeling of comfort and prosperity. Select from a wide variety of colors and sizing options. The coping and decking stones will complete your backyard dreamscape environment.

Tumbled Deck and Coping Stone - Ouro

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Coping Stone
Bege Bullnose
4x9x1.5 - MOR-1001
4x12x1.5 - MOR-1007
12x12x1.5 - MOR-1013
12x24x1.5 - MOR-1019
Rosa Bullnose
4x9x1.5 - MOR-1002
4x12x1.5 - MOR-1008
12x12x1.5 - MOR-1014
12x24x1.5 - MOR-1020
Noite Bullnose
4x9x1.5 - MOR-1003
4x12x1.5 - MOR-1009
12x12x1.5 - MOR-1015
12x24x1.5 - MOR-1021

Ouro Bullnose
4x9x1.5 - MOR-1004
4x12x1.5 - MOR-1010
12x12x1.5 - MOR-1016
12x24x1.5 - MOR-1022
Branco Bullnose
4x9x1.5 - MOR-1005
4x12x1.5 - MOR-1011
12x12x1.5 - MOR-1017
12x24x1.5 - MOR-1023
Azul Bullnose
4x9x1.5 - MOR-1006
4x12x1.5 - MOR-1012
12x12x1.5 - MOR-1018
12x24x1.5 - MOR-1024

Tumbled Deck Stone
8x8x5/8 - MOR-1049
12x12x5/8 - MOR-1025
18x18x5/8 - MOR-1037
French Pattern - MOR-1043
8x8x5/8 - MOR-1050
12x12x5/8 - MOR-1026
18x18x5/8 - MOR-1038
French Pattern - MOR-1044
8x8x5/8 - MOR-1051
12x12x5/8 - MOR-1027
18x18x5/8 - MOR-1039
French Pattern - MOR-1045

8x8x5/8 - MOR-1052
12x12x5/8 - MOR-1028
18x18x5/8 - MOR-1040
French Pattern - MOR-1046
8x8x5/8 - MOR-1053
12x12x5/8 - MOR-1029
18x18x5/8 - MOR-1041
French Pattern - MOR-1047
8x8x5/8 - MOR-1054
12x12x5/8 - MOR-1030
18x18x5/8 - MOR-1042
French Pattern - MOR-1048

  • With any natural stone, expect variation in color, size and shape. Visually check the actual shade of the coping and deck stones before installation.