Crystaline 3"x3" glazed porcelain tile has a beautiful colored pattern that delivers the romance of the tropics.

Crystaline Tahitian Sun

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3x3 - CR-430
Deep Sea
3x3 - CR-434
Tahitian Sun
3x3 - CR-488

6x6 - MA-87
6x6 - MA-89

1x1 - CRP-430
Deep Sea
1x1 - CRP-434
Tahitian Sun
1x1 - CRP-488

  • 3"x3" glazed porcelain tile, dot mounted.
  • Line includes matching 3"x3" slip-resistant (PEI IV), wear-resistant floor tile, as well as matching 1"x1" tiles.
  • Specialty pieces for Crystaline includes surface bullnose and double bullnose corner, quarter round and quarter round corner for creating a rounded finish.
  • 1 sheet = 1 sq. ft.
  • The natural beauty of glazed tile lies in its subtle shade variations. Manufactured tile may vary from these shown. Visually check the actual shade before installation.