Pompeii glazed porcelain tile has a depth of color that's unsurpassed. The natural stone look with rich deep color variation brings ancient design to mind. Together with the matching decorative pieces, Pompeii brings a unique beauty to any pool area.

Pompeii Steel Blue & Steel Blue Blend

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3x3 - PF-6
3x3 - PF-7
3x3 - PF-3

Steel Blue
3x3 - PF-5
Winter Sea
3x3 - PF-8
Sand Blend
6x6 - PB-67

Sedona Blend
6x6 - PB-76
Marine Blend
6x6 - PB-32
Steel Blue Blend
6x6 - PB-54

Winter Sea Blend
6x6 - PB-89
1x1 - PFP-6
1x1 - PFP-7

1x1 - PFP-3
Steel Blue
1x1 - PFP-5
Winter Sea
6x6 - PFP-8

  • Pompeii specialty pieces include surface bulnose, double bullnose corner.
  • The natural beauty of glazed tile lies in its subtle shade variations. Manufactured tile may vary from these shown. Visually check the actual shade before installation.