Inspired by the beautiful mountains of northern Italy, our Ferrara glazed ceramic tile looks as natural as the real thing. Each piece of Ferrara is different, giving your pool a more rustic look.

Ferrara Gold & Imola Gold

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6x6 - 22797
6x6 - 22914
6x6 - 22948

6x6 - 22955
6x6 - 22986
Imola White
6x6 - 80564

Imola Gold
6x6 - 80566
Imola Blue
6x6 - 80565

  • Ferrara colors white, bone, green, gold and blue are also available in the following sizes: 12"x12", 6"x12".
  • All colors have available 3"x12" bullnose tiles.
  • Ferrara offers slip-resistant surface (PEI IV), wear-resistant surface.
  • 4 pieces of 6"x6" = 0.92 sq. ft.
  • The natural beauty of glazed tile lies in its subtle shade variations. Manufactured tile may vary from these shown. Visually check the actual shade before installation.
  • It is not recommended to use the Ferrara series in freezing and frost areas.