Our Etrusco glazed ceramic tile recreates the classic look of ancient Etruscan baths of long ago. With Rustic edges, a modulating color blend on every tile, and a natural stone look, Etrusco is certain to impress everyone around the pool. Special decorative and mosaic tiles give any pool or spa the same beauty and character as the great Etruscan rooms.

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6x6 - 83821
6x6 - 83616
6x6 - 83617

6x6 - 83615
Perugia Crema
6x6 - 83825
Perugia Bone
6x6 - 83744

Perugia Gold
6x6 - 83745
Perugia Evergreen
6x6 - 83746
Verona Evergreen
6x6 - 87603

Verona Gold
6x6 - 87604
6x12 - 87605
4x12 - 83838

  • Etrusco specialty pieces includes 3"x12" surface bullnose, quarter round, v-cap and 12"x12" field tiles.
  • The natural beauty of glazed tile lies in its subtle shade variations. Manufactured tile may vary from these shown. Visually check the actual shade before installation.
  • It is not recommended to use the Etrusco series in freezing and frost areas.